Exploration drilling rigs

George Downing Estate Drilling Limited offers a team of experienced operators of reliable equipment for all your exploration, geotechnical and environmental drilling projects.

At George Downing Estate Drilling Limited, we are proud of our maintenance program that eliminate down time and guarantee that when we send our equipment on a job, it will be best suited for the project, small or very large, even in challenging environment, and it will achieved the best results for your needs.

2 VD5000 skid mounted rigs - 2500m capacity NQ


Various support equipment, Bulldozers, Skidders, Snowmobiles, ATV, Tracked carriers.

1 Zinex A5 skid or heliportable - 1300m Capacity NQ


1 Gopher Heliportable- 250m capacity NQ

1 250B Duralite skid or heliportable- 400m capacity NQ


7 Boart Longyear LF-70's skid or heliportable - 900m capacity NQ


Geotechnical/ Environmental drilling rigs

20 CME auger rigs mounted on truck or track machines skidmount, barge capable




CME 55 truck mount


CME 850

CME 45C on skids
working on ice


CME 75 on tracks


3 GeoProbe Direct Push rigs