We at George Downing Estate Drilling Ltd. are committed to continuously improving the health and safety of our workers and the environment by recognizing that health and safety is a shared responsibility between management and workers within the Internal Responsibility System. The achievement of this policy has the full cooperation of everyone at George Downing Estate Drilling Ltd.
Our goal is zero injury or illness in the workplace. Through constant task and process analysis, improvements and training on company procedures and policies, this can be achieved. We will meet and exceed the letter and intent of all applicable legislation by providing
and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and by


providing education and regular training to perform daily activities of operations safely.
All supervisors have the responsibility and authority for ensuring that workers are trained in approved work procedures to obtain optimal performance without accidents, injury or illness, and to ensure that workers follow safe work methods and all related regulations.
It is only when all workers take safety as their personal responsibility that a truly safe work environment is possible. Therefore all workers support the Safety Program and make sure that health and safety is a part of their daily routine by following safe work methods and relevant regulations in accordance with the Internal Responsibility System.