Having been in the business for over 60 years, we have the experience needed to succeed in any situation. From senior management where the President and Vice President have over 80 years of combined experience, to the drillers, many of which have over 20 years working in our company, new employees are being trained by the best people in the business which ensures that all our clients get the highest quality work every time.


From drilling in downtown Montreal, to the most remote locations in northern Canada, from North America to Africa, we know what it takes to complete any project safely, efficiently, on time and within budget.

Soils Investigation

Environmental, Geotechnical, Hydrogeological Drilling

George Downing Estate Drilling’s soils investigation and exploration division is equipped with a variety of all terrain drilling equipment and techniques that include auger, air rotary and rock coring. Our expertise ensures work of the best quality that meets the highest safety standards for geotechnical, environmental and exploration projects.

Environmental drilling

Environmental Drilling examines subsurface soil, rock and water for contaminant impact typically found in industrial areas, landfills, etc. This process examines the quality of soil and groundwater before, during and after geotechnical and water well drilling.
Soil core and rock core samplings allow for the monitoring of potential contaminants or hazardous substances. Our air rotary drilling technique minimize the risk of contamination of the site.

Geotechnical drilling

Most of our geotechnical drilling projects consist of collecting soil and rock cores in preparation of construction or mineral exploration projects. These samples are then used by specialists to determine ground formation characteristics and to gather information about water beneath the surface. At George Downing Estate Drilling Limited, our workers make sure that the quality of these samplings is the best so that geologist and engineers have the best picture possible of the subsurface conditions.

Hydrogeological drilling

George Downing Estate Drilling Limited employs only licensed drillers and state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide environmentally sound hydrogeological drilling services to our clients in search of productive aquifers or in ground water analysis projects before the establishment of new water sources in an urban environment to make sure of the stability and the environmental viability of the area.
We have the expertise and equipment including rock core sampling, air rotary and auger drilling, water well rehabilitation and maintenance and more.

Exploration drilling

George Downing Estate Drilling Limited has been working with the mining industry since its beginning in 1947 to gather rock and soil core samples. For almost 70 years, we provide our diamond drilling expertise, trained personnel and top of the line equipment including:

  • Diamond Core Drilling
  • Surface and underground drilling
  • Reverse circulation drilling
  • Barge-mounted drilling
  • Heli-portable equipment
  • Various downhole testing.

Our drilling services: effective, reliable with cutting-edge technologies


For any of your projects, George Downing Estate Drilling has the equipment, the technologies and the know-how to give you, safely and efficiently, the services needed in order to guaranty your complete satisfaction.